Centered Mind Therapies
Centered Mind Therapies

  • Massage Add-Ons

    Check out these helpful additions to your massage session. We offer everything from essential oils to crystal bowl therapies. These therapies can be very helpful in acheiving deep and long-lasting healing and relaxation.

  • Standard vs.
    Centered Mind Massage

    What is the difference between a regular massage and a Centered Mind Massage?
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  • Therapy Packages available

    Getting the most from your therapy means receiving regular sessions. Consider a therapy package to ensure continuous affordable therapy!

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    CMT Therapy Packages!

About CMT

Michelle Feurer, LMT

Centered Mind Therapies was born in 2008 in Sedona, Arizona, where our first clients were served. It's founder, Michelle Feurer, has long been known for her ability as a pathfinder to help with a range of challenges facing the body, spirit, and mind.

Massage and energy therapies are just some of the tools used by our clinic to facilitate deep and lasting healing for our clients.

Please explore our site and find out more about Centered Mind Therapies and our many offerings.


Centered Mind Therapies is located at
The Healing Haven
1009 37th Ave Ct, Suite 201
Greeley, CO, 80634
(next to Walgreens)

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