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I saw Michelle once a week for 5 weeks. The hospital therapist couldn’t believe the progress I was making, and at the last visit with the hospital therapist.. she did all her measuring and I had total use of my arm once again. I would highly recommend you give her a try because I sincerely believe that you will be pleasantly surprised with your results. ” - B.A.

“I have been working with Michelle of Centered Mind Therapies for several years now and have always found her sessions to be “just what I needed.” Each session is a completely unique experience and invariably combines all the right techniques for my best results and whole being benefit. I would highly recommend Michelle for an “out of the box” healing experience.” - AEB / 2013

“I have had 3 massages with Michelle. She is truly gifted with her hands and heart, knowing exactly where to go to create the most amount of space and openness in the body. I feel that anyone would benefit from her expertise in the healing modality of massage.” - Andrew H.

“Very caring and professional - truly a credit to the profession of healing and massage.” - Connie O.

“I have had several sessions with Michelle and I can honestly say that she is the most gifted healer and masotherapy professional that I have ever gone to! She has a beautiful attitude and gifted hands. I even live in another state and instead of finding someone closer to me, I prefer her services so much that I am willing to wait for them when needed." - Mary M.

“When you were visiting here in Ohio not long ago, you gave me a treatment. I never had anything quite like that. Things got freed up that I never had before. It was like many different treatments at once. It also stuck with me for a long time. At one point, it felt like you were going through some layers of a few past life times of mine, and healing them as well. If anyone has the chance to get a treatment from Michelle, get it. Thank you again, Michelle. ” - Bob from Ohio.

“I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wishes to release all that emotional baggage and trauma that attaches to the body. While Michelle sets the space for that to happen you get a great massage in the process! Michelle is a truly gifted person. Her insight provides for an understanding of how you can help yourself make your way through the world in a more positive joyful manner. What Michelle does is hard to put into words, but what I do know is that my WHOLE being has been placed back into its balance and I feel anew. Thanks Michele! ” -P.G.W.

“The work you did on me yesterday morning was wonderful. Your ability to feel things and take them out is amazing and something I did not know existed. I only wish I could afford to see you everyday. Thank you so much for a pleasant experience, you are a cool chick. ” - R.G.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had these issues nor was it the first time I sought out massage therapy as the solution to my pain. This is however the first time I achieved such a complete relief of my pain, a pain that at times in my life was debilitating. I’m truly amazed! It is my personal opinion and recommendation that anyone reading this who is suffering with pain or simply in need of stress relief, call her... I promise you it’s worth every penny of her very reasonable rates. ” - S.H.

“I had the distinct pleasure of having Michelle do massage work on me. Her gentle spirit was not only soothing, but healing on so many levels. Sure a massage is nice ...but her insights into what was going on in my life allowed for a release of past traumas in the most amazing way. Michelle offered tools for me to use daily in my meditations ...which I did ...and issues I thought I would never be rid of ....were gone. I no longer get triggered by past traumas and am living fully with a “Healed” heart ....:)” - K.J.

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